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20 august 1988
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Thursday, September 14, 2006
Monday, August 07, 2006
So long!

Hehe its been so long since i last touch this blog! hehe now i'm back to update this chao outdated blog hehe =)

yup tiks have changed so much for me ever since i granduated frm secondary sch. n of cuz i love Millennia Institute. hehe

yay super band Mi Lu Bing!! i love dem esp nic! hehe

hao la i shall juz post a short entry. will come back again when i have d time hehe gd nite! =)

Posted at 8/7/2006 1:42:31 am by HushBr0wN
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Wednesday, December 01, 2004
vote sylvester!

    heez!!! sylvester! lolz muahahz tonite is d final showdown! muz stay at hme n watch tv!!! he singing d an jing again!!!! hahaz lolz  Wakka Wakka  sumhow tis face reminds me of ken =X
      hahaz yest d pck so funni! v cute n esp d living wif lydia!!!! Dick lee is like whao! lolz y sylvester not in d show! lolz  Candy Cane  

        ummmm yepz morning madness rocks! lolz heez 

    Snowboarding 2   Running Man 

Posted at 12/1/2004 9:18:16 am by HushBr0wN
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Monday, November 29, 2004

   haha!  Roll  long long long time no blog! lolz heez yepz! o's is finally over! mami its its over!!! lolz but now abit sianz like nutik to do except watch tv eat sleep n gain weight! hahaz lolz 

job hunting ummMmm not ez to find a job cuz i will b away for ard 1mth or so den nobody wan hire me! lolz yepz so slack lor heez! yest clean up my rm n hide all d books n ws! heh heh heh!  Devil 

     lolz ops didnt went church last sun =X hahaz den tis cuming sat going city harvest whaha! umMmm nvr go der b4. but i'll b loyal to lighthse! heez!  Bouquet 

       hahaz yepz ummm gtg le so take care tata!! n God Bless!!!  Heart Glasses 

           Nerd          Snow Angel 

Posted at 11/29/2004 10:56:20 am by HushBr0wN
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Saturday, August 28, 2004

   hahaha! its been ages seen i last blog le hor? yepz yepz hmmm so fast 16 days to prelim n 66 days to o levels! is like a nitemare lor...heez yep n hey xinyan! thanks for d badae tik so sweet! geez thanks! Braces
      n yepz now i using my bro's com so v ma fan like all d pictures i gotta reuse cuz my bro com no have tt programme heez hmmm tmr is a special day! noe y? cuz its daniel's badae! oOooo heez Missing Teeth

      hahaz okiez la nutik much to write le heez tata! take care! =)

Posted at 8/28/2004 9:07:41 am by HushBr0wN
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Tuesday, August 10, 2004
[ iT's bEeN a Yr...]

      haiz! time flies! its been a yr le...yepz yepz another national day had past hahaz yepz yepz 10th of august...yest tok to alice on d phone frm 9.40 all d way to 1am tis morning whao 1st time lolz =X heex
      arent u amaze by how fast time past its like one yr ago u were like tis n tt den whao 1 yr later tiks change pple change relationship change frenship change..yepz! hahaz ok la i go back zzz le tata! =)

Posted at 8/10/2004 9:08:50 am by HushBr0wN
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Wednesday, July 21, 2004

   lolz! heez hey hey so sianz todaty i so guai so early reach hme! lolz n yay i got full marks for my poa test! heez 1st time in my whole entire  life! =X heez yepz today had band meeting hahaz as usual la v slack v laggy tt kind lor...took so long juz to decide on one tik fare up! Hatchet

   aniway dun care le heez today racial hoarmony day hor? but tmr den wearing d enthic costume hmmm like wierd wierd de lolz i look so fat n funni in tt enthic costume pple c le sure laugh till thier teeth drop =X heez hmm now morning duty taking sec 4E...Messy Eater

   so long nvr do courtyard duty le so dey all dun wan listern to me kana "bullied" lolz no lar juz kidding yepz! so tired so many hw to do! heez okiez lar gtg le tc! =)  Braces

Posted at 7/21/2004 5:26:45 pm by HushBr0wN
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Sunday, July 18, 2004
hey hey!!!!

   na shou xian ne wo yao gan xie wo de papa he mama! lolz wad rubbish heez lee xinyan thanks for d layout n pics n songs n everytik! thanks! wo ai shi ni le! BUT we not les dun tik anihow! lolz heez muacks!

   yepz xinyan juz rox man! heez wah long time no blog le cuz my com no more internet access gotta use my bro com lolz yepz so heez! yest went for d fc meeting ok although not much pple lolz paid 15bucks for d gathering vedio n 5bucks for fc fees...hmmm realli broke n puo chan now lolz liang shou kong kong =X puo liang ke da dong lolz!

   heez tis song v meaningful esp zhao ke peng you liao yi ye ba chong qian kuai le dou zhao hui! heez yeah man! i tik tt's d way to live life so we will b happi n happi every after! mauhahaz hmmm one wk nearer o level le scare scare...lolz Daniel simply rox too

   heez kawaii! lolz aug14 he will b performing in d dono wad firework tik so sad i tik i cannot go cuz its like 8.30pm! lolz heez ok la update abit here n der heez when i free free den i cum back blog again! heez tc everyone! =)

Posted at 7/18/2004 7:15:15 pm by HushBr0wN
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Saturday, July 10, 2004

ahaz! sianz! today sat yest had my chi o level oral! all rite i screwed it...lolz yeah d passage was kind of easy! BUT! when i read to d examiners dono y all d words juz wont cum out i was like reading as though i got breathing difficulties like my tongue is gone? den all words read wrong its terrible! den d conversation tok abt jc n poly den erm still got ask abt holidays cum back sch gd nor...aiyo i tok crap i mean wad can u tok abt these topic? lolz  Discus 
yepz yepz its over le don care le la! muahahz den today stayed at hme ok kind of boring den i juz realise! i lost my ledger paper pad n my calculator!!!! my bao bei all lost!!!! %$#^&* so dumb dumb de! lolz aniway go buy u weekly!!! cuz got dAnIeL showing him at wild wild wet!!! cool! his body damm sexy lolz =X kdkd  You Are Hot 
heez hmmm did my physic hw but anihow pia tru cuz mon nid hand in sianz piles of hw! torture tsk tsk heez den later going out eat dinner...den tmr my dad going back le sobz...haiz! hahaz aniway smile smile smile life's great! =)  Fainting 

       Angel     Missing Teeth 

Posted at 7/10/2004 6:29:54 pm by HushBr0wN
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Thursday, July 08, 2004

hmmm! heez long long long time nvr cum online le long time nvr blog le! heez yepz my dad came back to s'pore last sat! yes n tt sat had chi olevel listerning it was all rite i guess! hahaz i gave away 1mark i cld have got it rite! hahaz aniway its over le so...heez  Money 1 
yepz tis sun my dad going back again for another 2mths or so bah...sobz heez today went tm buy lunch den came hme c early today! heez so guai den tmr got chi o level oral! ahz damm scare! heez erm y like nutik to write le? aniway yeah sch reopen le so far so gd bah? heh heh juz had fun fun fun n fun...den now like almost everyday got test ok~ hahaz!
eeyepz! ok lar tik i go do other stuff le tata!!! =D  I Need A Big Hug 

      Big Hug     Barbeque 

Posted at 7/8/2004 5:50:28 pm by HushBr0wN
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